Sunset 1

I took this photo last Saturday while I was waiting to catch the ferry off of the north end dock on Vashon Island. I was heading to pick up my daughter and grandson from the airport for a visit from Arizona!

The sunrise was so pretty looking out over the Puget Sound I just had to capture it.

I get some of my inspiration for designing things from just going and sitting on the beach looking at all the different shells, driftwood and seaweed that has washed up onto the shores whenever I get a chance to. There are some great beaches I love to go to on Vashon, but I think my favorite is going to Point Robinson where the lighthouse and park are at. You have a great view of Mt Rainier from there on a clear day and most days the big barges carrying cargo go by along with some pretty nice sail boats too. Since the beach is on the point you can see quite a ways out over the water, on one side of the point you can see the Alki Beach area in West Seattle and from the other side of the point you can see towards Point Defiance Zoo and Park in Tacoma.

I really love where I live so close to the waters of the Puget Sound!


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