I started Falcorations Odyssey several years ago. I love to sew, paint and create crazy stuff! I had been making bears for several years by this time and was tired of just making bears, almost anyone can make a bear! I decided I wanted to do something different that fit my personality a little better, so I decided to try my luck at designing soft sculpted mushrooms and dragons! They were fun for a time and I still make them now and again but as I created more things my ideas kept evolving and so did my characters!

I design all of my own patterns that are used in my studio and sometimes things turn out asĀ  planned and once in a while they are completely accidental but turn out awesome anyway! I love to make people smile, and every once in a while someone is a little frightened by what they might see, which is okay too, that just means that my characters are a little special and they need to find the right home!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!